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Celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan creates a voluminous high ponytail with a center braid for it-girl Olivia Culpo.

  1. Prep damp hair with Rare Oil Style Extending Primer and then blow-dry with the Classic Dressing Brush to smooth roots and create voluminous ends.
  2. Spray Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray throughout dry hair, then brush through to prep before styling.
  3. Use a Neuro® Unclipped Styling Cone to curl small sections of hair in alternating directions.
  4. Create a center mohawk section and clip the rest of the hair away.
  5. Create a reverse French braid in the mohawk section.
  6. Pull hair into a high ponytail, securing with an elastic.
  7. Apply a small amount of Rare Oil Treatment to the roots of the remaining hair.
  8. Spray your Classic Dressing Brush with Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray. Brush the sides of the hair up to join the hair in the center braid and high ponytail, securing with another elastic. Repeat with bottom section of hair.
  9. Wrap a small piece of hair around the base of the ponytail to hide the elastic. Secure with a bobby pin underneath.
  10. Spray the Classic Dressing Brush with more Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray. Lift the ponytail and backbrush to create additional volume. Place two large French pins underneath the base of the ponytail for even more lift!
  11. Finish with Rare Oil Perfecting Hairspray for hold and apply more Rare Oil Treatment to the sides for extra shine.

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